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These resources have been developed to support students at the University of Southampton. They may also be freely used by other HE and FE institutions in the UK and elsewhere - but we would appreciate an email if you wish to use them with your students.

The site is now maintained by LATEU, the Learning and Teaching Enhancement Unit


The Getting Started guides were devised by:

Geraldine Price (Learning Differences Clinic)
Peter Phillips (eMedia)

They were based on material in the booklet Study Skills written by Dianne Lyons, published by the Students Advice & Information Centre. We are grateful for advice and suggestions which we have received from the University's Learning and Teaching Forum.

This work was funded by a grant from the Centre for Learning and Teaching and the Academic Registrar's Department.


The Academic Skills study guides were written by:

Geraldine Price (Education),
Pat Maier (Civil Engineering and the Environment),
Wendy White (Hartley Library),
Dilly Fung (Arts),
Peter Phillips (eMedia),
Fiona Lindsay (Library),
Roger Ottewill (CLT).

This work was funded by the University's Learning & Teaching Development Grant Scheme,


This website was developed by Jamie Gregory (eMedia) and Adam Warren (Centre for Learning and Teaching) (test)

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